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These are case studies and before and after photos of patients at Advanced Smile Institute Dentistry in Port St. Lucie FL, including dental implants before and after photos from local dentist Dr. Robert Lens.

Advanced Smile Institute Dentistry Before And After Photos Port St Lucie FL

Full Mouth Restoration Before And After

Full Mouth Restoration Before And After Photos

Restorative Dentistry

This is an example of an extreme dental rehabilitation. Every tooth had to be extracted and his entire dentition had to be reconstructed. This patient lives in England, outside London. Unfortunately, he came to us too late to save his teeth with multiple problems, but mostly from advanced periodontal disease. He made two trips, each staying approximately two weeks.

During the first visit, all teeth were extracted, multiple bone grafts, placed six dental implants, and fabricated upper and lower interim dentures too allow and protect healing. On the second trip, which was 5 months later, he came back to us for the permanent dentures that were attached to the implants. This type of removable denture is not as secure as a non-removable bridge, but much more secure than a standard denture and allows removal to make oral hygiene for the patient much easier. He is required to get a cleaning on those implants every three months, which his wife makes sure he does. The patient was feeling so good the day after the surgery, he was swimming in a pool, in spite of instructions to take things easy and not do anything strenuous.

Dental Implants Before And After

Dental Implants Before And After Photos

Dental Implants

This is an example of a single implant and crown. The patient had a bicuspid extracted approximately six months before this procedure. It is not always needed to extract a tooth in a prior visit, before getting a dental implant. Sometimes an implant can be placed immediately (on the same surgery) after an extraction. However, if there is a significant defect present (associated with the defective tooth), then sometimes an extraction, bone graft, and appropriate healing time may be necessary to provide sufficient sound bone to place the implant.

An implant is surgically placed and allowed to heal for approximately four months. During the second appointment, an impression is taken and sent to the lab. Approximately two weeks later, the final crown arrives from the lab and is fitted and delivered.

Cosmetic Bonding Before And After

Cosmetic Bonding Before And After Photos

Dental Bonding

This is an example cosmetic bonding for the repairing of defects in the enamel of a tooth. This young lady recently had orthodontic treatment and did not maintain her oral hygiene satisfactorily. The white patches are decalcified areas where decay was attempting to invade. Some areas did not have enamel (dentin was exposed). The teeth with the most damage were the right and left upper canines and lateral incisors. We repaired four teeth total on this patient.

This example of dental bonding is exactly the same process as doing a common filling, with the exception of requiring a little more skill into freehand sculpting the bonding material into the shape of a tooth.

Composite Bonding Before And After
Composite Bonding Before And After Photos

Composite Bonding

This is an example of repairing a fracture with composite bonding, also known as a "bonded composite restoration." This patient fractured her front tooth and sheared off part of the front of the tooth. The tooth appears to be almost full size, but is very thin. The dark area near the edge is so thin, you could almost see through it as seen in the before photo. The area repaired is a susceptible fracture because of the location and limited support from the remaining tooth structure. A dental crown may be needed in the future.

Tooth Filling Replacement Before And After
Tooth Filling Replacement Before And After Photos

Tooth Filling Replacement

An example of a simple tooth filling replacement. This patient had an old amalgam filling (silver filling) on the molar. The old filling was beginning to break down and caused leakage allowing bacteria to enter, causing new decay. All of the old amalgam filling was removed, along with the new decay, and a composite bonded filling was placed, but with the usual grooves and normal anatomy we make to restore it's natural shape.

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